“An interior is the natural
projection of the soul.”
– Coco Chanel

Understanding your Decorative Finish needs:  We will first discuss your needs over the phone and then meet with you at your convenience.  Upon visiting your location Heidi will:

Perform an in-depth design interview to better understand what you are looking for

Present sample boards to show and introduce possibilities

Work with you to integrate your vision into your custom finish

Shortly after Heidi’s visit, you will receive a full written estimate of costs/time for completing your project.

Designing your Decorative Finish:  We create finishes to coordinate with existing or future planned components.  When provided with client furnishings we create a custom finish to complement those items to serve as a backdrop and cohesive element to the artwork, rugs, window treatments, furniture and other components in a space.  The correct combination of colors are vital to creating that perfect finish.  We are specialists in finding the right colors.

Start to Finish:  Using Heidi Holzer Design and Decorative Work from start to finish guarantees a problem free high quality job with a seamless transition between prep, painting and decorative work.  Our staff’s expertise allows us to perform the preparation and base coating for your project’s surfaces in an efficient manner and at a competitive market price.  For years, there has been a misconception that using a Decorative Artistry firm to perform base coating would be cost prohibitive.  In fact, we are competitive with our pricing and superior in quality.