At Heidi Holzer Decorative Work we have spent decades perfecting both our finish techniques and our process for working with architects, designers, contractors, and clients alike. We have an in-depth understanding of building and design, and how are finishes fit in to the overall process. 

Understanding your Decorative Finish needs

"Heidi Holzer and her talented design group are outstanding in the work they do. It is an art form that is very difficult to achieve without experience and knowledge Heidi and her team have. They work diligently and quickly and do exactly what they promise every time. They just completed an enormous project for me and it is one of the many projects they have accomplished so beautifully over the years for the Hilfiger family."

Kind Words from Tommy Hilfiger

Our studio is filled with hundreds of samples of our work, but it doesn’t end there. Every sample can be customized down the material, knife work, scale, and color of the particular finish. Whether it’s a visit to our studio, an email exchange of ideas, or a job site meeting, we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our clients and coming up with the perfect solution to achieve the desired look.  

Collaboration is key to our process. In working with dozens of interior designers, contractors, and architects over the years, our team has had the opportunity to create amazing finishes that are highly customized and done in a timely manner. Known for her keen eye for color and interior sensibilities, Heidi prides herself on honing into the client’s specific needs. 

The Process

Using Heidi Holzer Design and Decorative Work from start to finish guarantees a problem free high quality job with a seamless transition between prep, painting and decorative work.

Our staff’s expertise allows us to perform the preparation and base coating for your project’s surfaces in an efficient manner and at a competitive market price.

For years, there has been a misconception that using a Decorative Artistry firm to perform base coating would be cost prohibitive. In fact, we are competitive with our pricing and superior in quality.

Designing your
Decorative Finish